Fresh Water Supply

Fresh Water Supply Services in Dubai

Fresh water

Best quality Fresh water supply services are available all over Dubai. We supply the best quality water all over Dubai at an affordable cost. it is also a basic necessity for all & it is the most necessary element for life. Furthermore, We are a registered member of DUBAL for potable water delivery. We aim to provide the best potable water. We deliver sweet water maintaining its natural quality & composition by delivering through special container tankers. We provide the best quality potable water according to the standards of Dubai Municipality. DUBAL is the most famous source of potable water in Dubai & even in the neighboring Emirates.

It is available in the following capacities:

1000 Gallons, 1500 Gallons, 5000 Gallons, 10000 Gallons. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Fresh water or drinking water always has specific composition. Further, we get water only from the EGA DUBAL water station. This water station provides us water composition report every time we load water. They always carry out lab tests for water on a daily basis. Hence we are always satisfied with water quality. Furthermore, we ensure our water tanks are always clean and hygienic. Drinking water or fresh water is an important material for life. Hence it requires a lot of care in the delivery of sweet water of fresh water. We also need to maintain its purity and natural composition.

Sweet Water for Drinking & swimming pools

We too have a large fleet of Sweet water tanker trucks. These are also with different capacities. Further, we have a team of professional drivers for delivery in different parts of Dubai. Moreover for constructions sites & swimming pools quite efficiently & efficiently.

We have set certain goals to enhance sweet water delivery services. Our company makes sure to achieve these goals. Sweet water tankers are most often tested and inspected by Dubai Municipality to ensure the health and safety of people. Different companies, especially construction companies, industries labor camps, restaurants, cafeterias residential buildings and different communities use Sweet water or fresh water for drinking purposes. Hence we adopt top quality measures to ensure clean and healthy water delivery in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. These measures also make us different from others and make us a prominent water tanker supplier in Dubai.

Further, We also have a large fleet of sweet water tanker trucks with different capacities & a team of professional drivers for delivery in different parts of Dubai especially for construction sites & swimming pools quite efficiently & efficiently. You can contact us anytime 24/7. Hence Our services are available all over Dubai at an affordable price.